MDSI Delivers a Broad Range of Physical and Mental Evaluation Services

Quality Doctors and Medical Staff
MDSI staffs physicians who are licensed and in good standing within the states they perform evaluations. Many are board certified and board eligible in their specialties. Each physician is provided detailed orientation and training in performing medical and disability evaluations. Ongoing quality assurance measures are then implemented so that all reports meet MDSI's standard of excellence.

Qualified medical assistants and support staff handle patient reception and assist doctors as well as perform needed ancillary testing at 70 MDSI clinic locations across the U.S.

Examination Specialties
  • Psychiatry
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
Ancillary Services
  • X-Ray
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory
  • Pulmonary Function Studies
  • Electrocardiogram

MDSI's corporate office staff coordinates and directs the activities of each clinic facility. Support for any issue can be obtained with one phone call, fax
or email to our corporate office.

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70 Locations in the U.S.
MDSI currently operates in 70 medical clinics located throughout 10 states.

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Professional Transcription Services
MDSI employs a staff of over 40 trained medical transcriptionists who transcribe doctor's dictations into final medical reports ready for signature.

Medical Transcription

Electronic Transmission of Medical Information
MDSI securely transmits and receives electronically signed medical reports and other related documents using SSL and other secure internet techologies including encrypted, digitally signed email and Secure FTP.

Online Services
MDSI's Online Services website provides the convenience and efficiency of secure online appointment scheduling and re-scheduling using a web browser over the Internet. Other services are also available to find out show status of appointments, view/print maps and directions to clinic locations, and quickly see mileage from a claimant's address to the five nearest MDSI clinic locations.

Key MDSI Practices

  • Every patient is treated in a courteous and professional manner. We ensure our clinic staff and physicians are in tune with this philosophy. Many patients are frustrated with circumstances regarding their situation, including their health and the process of evaluation. We want each patient to be treated the same as we would expect to be treated at a professional medical facility.
  • Every patient receives a complete and comprehensive evaluation. Physicians are required to complete all phases of the evaluation, including a thorough history. The length of time a physician actually spends with each patient is documented for each exam.
  • Appointment letters and maps with written directions are sent to each patient. Phone calls are also made from clinic facilities to patients to remind and encourage them to keep appointments as well as to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Appointments are made available to meet the client's needs. MDSI has a variety of methods available for scheduling appointments and transmitting medical reports and information. Maintaining effective communication and ongoing coordination with clients also further develops and refines various aspects of the process.
  • Ancillary testing such as X-ray, Lab, EKG and PFT are made available at many facilities.
  • MDSI has a complete Physician Services Department responsible for recruiting, screening, orientating and training physicians. Ongoing quality review, clarification and feedback of physician's work ensures that final reports continually meet the highest standards and customized needs of each client.
  • A variety of physicians comprise MDSI's panel. However, all of them have one thing in common - a commitment to provide accurate, informative and timely medical evaluations.
  • Physician's dictations are professionally transcribed by MDSI medical transcriptionists into final reports, which upon completion are checked for content and quality, then reviewed and signed by the physician.
  • Final reports are turned around quickly. The time from date of examination to receipt of the final, signed report is normally within 10 workdays. Internet technologies like encrypted email and secure upload of multiple files have helped speed up the process even more with a high percentage of signed reports arriving in 5-7 days.