Opportunities for Physicians

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You can reach our Recruiting Department by contacting
Ryan Timmins - Physician Recruiter

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Opportunities for Physicians

MDSI Offers:
  • Flexible Work Opportunities
  • 75 Locations Nationwide
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Low Risk (no treating or prescribing)
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • No Overhead
  • No On Call
  • Convenient Telephone Dictation System
  • Professional Transcription of All Dictations
  • Informative Orientation and Training
  • Complete Office Staff Support

MDSI is a recognized leader in providing medical and disability evaluations nationwide since 1985. We currently perform a variety of physical and mental evaluations at 75 locations throughout 11 states in the U.S.

MDSI Locations Map

Contracted physicians work for MDSI as independent consultants to provide an objective history and physical or mental status exam. Exams are performed at MDSI clinics staffed with qualified medical assistants and other technicians as needed.

MDSI works with a variety of medical specialties including PSY, IM, NR, OR, PED, PM&R, OCC MED, EM, FM, SUR, GP, PM, OBGYN, DERM, CARD, ENT and ANES. We provide attractive opportunities for physicians to earn income throughout various stages of their careers. Whether a resident or fellow, starting a private practice, in the middle of a career or looking to retire, MDSI likely has an opportunity that fits.

Our corporate office handles all the details including the transmission of medical records and information, scheduling of patients, and transcription of all dictated reports. MDSI people are very professional and accomodating to work with. We are commited to making each physician's experience positive and productive and to assist them in meeting their professional and financial goals.

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